Dropped Monocle Games was founded in 2012 by Sox Brooker and Lauren Davidson. Brought together by their love of old point and click adventure games, general geekery, and the love of a girl called Cheryl, they decided to write one of their own based on characters from Sox’s portfolio, Sox Creations. Dropped Monocle Games was born.

Lauren Davidson

Lauren Davidson is a developer, writer and game designer. She crafts the stories, dialogue and puzzles in Dropped Monocle’s productions. She is the verbose, rambling, resident cat lady of the studio. She is also occasionally known to code.

Steven 'Sox' Brooker

Steven 'Sox' Brooker is a developer, artist, animator and a coding whiz. Without Sox the games would just be a word document lost in an external hard drive somewhere. His art brings the games to life with a whimsical, cartoon style. He is the wise, gnome wizard of Dropped Monocle.

All games are programmed using the Adventure Game Studios Engine, created by Chris Jones. You can find out more about AGS here.