Master Pyrox Wizard Smackdown

Fact Sheet

    • Publisher: Dropped Monocle Games
    • Developers: Denis Comtesse, Steven Brooker, Lauren Davidson
    • Release Date: June 9th, 2018
    • Genre: Action, Multiplayer
    • Platforms: Windows, Linux (planned: macOS, Android)
    • Website:
    • Regular Price: USD 7.99, EUR 6.59, GBP 5.79
    • Availability: Digital Download on and Game Jolt



Master Pyrox, greatest pyromancer of the wizard dimension, is holding a tournament in order to find a new apprentice. Are you good enough to win against your competitors and inherit his legacy? Find out and apply for the Master Pyrox Wizard Smackdown!

Master Pyrox Wizard Smackdown is a fast-paced arcade-style multiplayer game. It’s easy to learn, but difficult to master: avoid the fireballs that manifest in the center of the screen, knock your opponents down, collect power-ups and cast spells. Up to 8 players can fight against each other in a tournament or cooperate against one of Pyrox’s creatures in a boss fight. Various gameplay options allow you to customize the game and design your own maps.

Key Features:

  • Competitive and cooperative game modes.
  • Single player mode against AI opponents.
  • Shared screen multiplayer and network multiplayer modes.
  • Design your own maps with the built-in level editor.



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The people behind ‘Master Pyrox’

Denis Comtesse (Lead Developer)
Denis is a game developer and composer based in Kassel, Germany. His previous works include Deep Sixed and Rogue State, both co-developed with Little Red Dog Games. He has composed music for various freeware and indie games.

Steven Brooker (Artist)
Steven is a digital artist and animator from Hampshire, UK. He has worked on all previous Dropped Monocle Games.

Lauren Davidson (Writer)
Lauren is a game developer and creative writer based in Hampshire, UK. her previous works include Thimbleweed Park and all Dropped Monocle Games.


About Dropped Monocle Games

Dropped Monocle Games are a 3 person team of indie game developers based in the UK and Germany that was formed in 2012 by Steven ‘Sox’ Brooker and Lauren Davidson, with Denis ‘Problem’ Comtesse coming on board a little time after.
The first game release from Dropped Monocle Games, Witchy Woo was the Winner of MAGS june 2013 competition and was also nominated for Best Short Game at the AGS Awards 2014. followed by Goat Herd and the Gods (2014) and Mess Goblins (2015), ‘Goat Herd’ was nominated for 6 AGS awards 2014 and ‘Mess Goblins’ won the MAGS January 2015 competition and “Best Short Game” at the AGS awards.